My Testimony 2020

So, I stepped into Southeast Christian Church in a Wednesday morning for womens Bible study. I was broken, nervous because I didn’t know anyone, and didn’t believe that they’d like me because of my piercings and tattoos. I was wrong. I have never met a large group of ladies with so much love and support when I was at my lowest.

I decided to go to church, because back in June of 2019 I tried to commit suicide. Yes, I attempted to carry out my plans to kill myself.   When I entered the church no one there knew that just a few months before I tried to end my life. It wasn’t until I felt comfortable enough to tell someone.

Sometimes people look like they have it altogether on the outside, but they may be hurting. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Things maybe going on in their lives outside of work, church, & school that you know nothing about, but yet here you are being rude and nasty to them.

I just want you all to listen to those people when they reach out to you and not not automatically assume they are begging for attention, because if you just listen and close your mouth you can tell the difference when someone is hurting. 

About BabblingBrook

Hello readers, Brook here. I am a Photojournalist. Based in Kentucky. I just completed my degree 11/7/2019. Graduated from New York Institute of Photography. I enjoy writing about everything entertainment from movies, music, books, & TV show. 

I have been writing for about 12 plus years. It is my life! My dreams are to buy an Rv and travel the country taking pictures. 

I have been very passionate about writing and photography for plenty of years. When I write stories I feel like I’m in another world I feel like everyone can be anyone and go anywhere. When I take photos I feel like this is the most beautiful place on earth. I feel like my photos show the beautiful side of the world that God created.